Paul Raymond - Rewind 50 (2015)
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The guys and I had a blast on the road last month with my solo band Paul Raymond Project, which involved a mini-tour of 6 towns and cities up and down England (Sorry Scotland and Wales – I’ll be sure to include you next time).  There have been some great reviews, photos and videos from the gigs which I’ll do my best to share with you, when I find some time to pick my favourites out. Thanks to all who came out to support our shows, and bought the Rewind 50 CDs and T-Shirts.  Rewind 50 is now available as a digital download from CdBaby and Amazon and will be available through iTunes very soon.  and I’m excited to announce that the CD is now available to buy through CdBaby with 1c shipping on all orders made in February (including international)


Paul Raymond - Rewind 50 - 1Front Paul Raymond - Rewind 50 - Back Paul Raymond - Rewind 50 - Booklet (1-2) Paul Raymond - Rewind 50 - Booklet (2-2) Paul Raymond - Rewind 50 - CD Paul Raymond - Rewind 50 - Inlay