Roosbeef - Kalf (2015)
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Roosbeef is now a collective with two Dutch and two Belgians in the ranks, including Tom Pintens (Zita Swoon), which not only plays a role on the plate, but also had a fair share in the production and arrangements. The album was recorded in Antwerp, where singer / keyboardist Rose Rebergen nowadays often dwells. Who Roosbeef has seen time at work, the band will not soon forget. What Rebergen drop as act is unique; musically but also lyrically. Her songs are actually little surrealist poems. Sometimes sweet and soft, sometimes hard and with a swipe at things outside her world. In Fashion Girls she sings for example: “Where fashion girls are going? / Where do they all go? / Submerged in Paris / Are they role models tired “But there is more than the lyrics: Calf is a warm and exciting album with great songs like America, Calf and I Will Carry You. The record continues to surprise, every listen again. That is partly due to the unruly guitars, strings and arrangements. This needs him to be Roosbeef, in the Netherlands and Belgium. That can not be otherwise!


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