Kansas City Bomber (1972) R1 Custom CD Cover
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Kansas City Bomber CD Cover

This movie hit the theaters on August 2 1972 starring the gorgeous Raquel Welch as KC Carr, Kevin McCarthy as Burt Henry and Helena Kallianiotes as Jackie Burdette. KC Carr plays roller derby and she skates for the Kansas City Bombers. However, KC starts have problems with one of the other skaters. So the owner of the Bombers promotes a five lap match between the two stars with the loser leaving Kansas City forgive. Meanwhile the team announces that KC Carr was traded to the Portland Loggers. However, the Renegades claim her first so now she has to skate for the Renegades until her contract problems are straighten out. After a few games with the Renegades Burt Henry, the owner of the Loggers gets KC Contract problems fix so now she’s skating for the loggers. However, there’s one skater on the team that’s not happy with the trade and that’s Jackie Burdette the teams captain. After KC settles down with the team things start to happen and skaters start being traded and KC and the owner start seeing each other on the side. As KC stock continues to rise, KC Children start to resent her making things difficult for KC to continue skating. Now some personal thoughts on this picture itself. Over all I thought the movie could’ve had a better story line. The acting in the movie wasn’t bad either. However, if you’re a Raquel Welch fan then you’ll like this movie. She was excellent in this picture as she is in all of her movies. It’s to bad that she had to bruise her body like that. I sure would’ve like to been the trainer to her keep that body in the shape that it was in. Even though the movie lacks interest at times, I’m going to give this picture 7 weasel stars. Without Raquel being the leading actress in this picture, this movie would have been awful.

kansas city bombers cd cover