Why FreeDVDCover.com ?
It all started in 2010 when my kids accidentally spilled water on my favorite dvd’s therefore the result was broken covers(water damaged) irrecoverable. I started to search for cover replacements and since then i thought to build the biggest online dvd cover replacement database to help people all over the world that were in the same situation. Some of my friends were in the same situation as well so they shared their existing dvd covers and we started building freedvdcover.com and slowly we got lots of members in the same situation and even big libraries searching for replacement covers. Hope you enjoy the site and contribute to it as well. Thank you!

Upload Covers:
You can easily contribute and add covers to our database, you need to be registered and logged-in to upload covers.

Download Covers:
Here’s a quick guide on how to download original dvd cover to your pc, remember that you don’t need an account to download covers. Click on the Open Gallery button inside each title or scroll down to see the gallery then after opening the gallery you will see above the image social share buttons with download button, or you can also use the Save As option with right click on the cover:


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  1. JohnWatt
    JohnWatt at ·

    Dumbo was one of the first movies our parents took us to.
    It featured aerial views when photography wasn’t doing that,
    and I’ll never forget the scene of Dumbo’s mother caressing him,
    when she was behind bars and he sat outside.
    Thanks for this domain, if I can get one to print full size.

  2. Rastus
    Rastus at ·

    I have attempted to upload some Blu-ray covers but they appear to; have been unsuccessful.
    I have not been able to find any rules relating to uploads so I am hoping you may be able to assist.
    Regards, Phil

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